DAY 9. #asketchaday

Finishing up my Sketch of the Day before bed in a few minutes... I'll post tomorrow morning! Xo!

Caricature-Action Part I with Renholdër Lohner - "Edgar Allan Lohner"

Special thanks to the folks over at Lugosi Enterprises for being so sweet to me today. :)

See how it easy it is to make Renholdër Lohner and I excited?! #monsterpalooza




Had a blast at #monsterpalooza today! Thanks for taking' me, Renholdër Lohner.

SHOES OF THE DAY by Anastasia Radevich

Of course this is the number Renholdër Lohner and I would get.

Elvis, Kurt, and Audrey. #tattootime


Not to mention, my other partner in crime, Dan Smith ! Happy birthday, Dan!!

Happy birthday, to one of the women I hold closest to my heart, my dear friend: Linda Perry

With Love...

DAY 8. #asketchaday

If you need me, I'll be the girl in the corner of the bar drawing while my friends back there show you how to party. #artnerd

DAY 7. #asketchaday

Green bean bandits: Michelle Slahor me and Kristen Mulderig #hardcore

Black and grey - All the way... #tattootime

So good seeing my ol' client Mike - he has one of my fave Saint tattoos I've done!

Funnest photoshoot ever! So excited about this next book!

Well, look what the Kat dragged in...Jeffree Starr #trannypower

Ain't no party like a penguin party w Patrick Hoelck

Loose beaks sink ships. #gettingserious