Vampira. So much larger than life. Forever my heroine.

Finished off tonight by finishing off these cookies!

Looking at a lot of these photos taken w fans tonight - I sure am a lucky gal! #hellogentlemen

Someone gave this to me tonight. Made me even more grateful for my sobriety :)

Shoes of the day.

Take it from my wise fans, wear whatever shoes you want, regardless of what anybody says! #livingthedream

The party got so crazy we ended up taking over HvT next door!

Lady-Fingers" served tonight. Disgustingly delicious! #fingerfood

Viva Vampira-The Coffin Collection - Became a reality because of Jonny Coffin! #thankful #dreamcometrue

Kat's-eye-view Part II.

Kat's-eye-view Part I.

I still can't believe that tomorrow these are going to be in the exhibit here at Wonderland ! #vampira

Yup! Gonna be playing THIS on loop on THESE guys for tomorrow nite! #vivavampira

STOKED!! Setting up for tomorrows opening nite for the VivaVampira exhibit at Wonderland

Kat Von Teen. Only 17 years old in this pic-barely any tattoos and then I went and f*cked it all up. ;)

Detail of "wise" 2inch mini-sketch I did a while back.

Just finished having an inspiring convo w the electrician about losing oneself in toxic relationships - hard to believe at one point in a past relationship I wasn't allowed to have guy friends.. Ha! #insecuritiesmaketheworstboyfriends #lessonlearned #myelectricianrules

Sunset Blvd. Oh Hollywood, how I love thee.

Good ol' Rainbow on Sunset Blvd! Many a nights spent partying my brains out here. Can't believe I'm coming up on 5 years sober

Bird is the word.

Kitsune by Jack Mosher

Jelly-fish eyes. (using Illamasqua powder shadow/Inspired by blackmilkclothing ) #makeuptalk

My poor neighbors... The sh*t they have to endure living next to me... (I was referring to my pants and not the sign im hanging out front of my house today)”

Dragon by Jack Mosher

Detail of painting by Bec Winnel. (f*cking amazing)

Can u believe this painting is only 5x7inches! It's my fave pieces from the "I Wanna Be First" exhibit up at Wonderland

Miniature-Journal-Necklaces! These are STILL my all-time favorite thing at Wonderland ! #teenytiny

Sweet dreams.

Non-stop working on edits for this book... #creativitychapter